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Welcome to the Big Tire Factory

Big Tire is a noted off-road enthusiast who has made a mark for itself in the transportation world. They have always been kind-hearted and empathetic. Big Tire appreciates the fact that there is an urgent requirement for transportation school students and pre-medics. Moreover, it has been forecasted that by 2030, the United States will have a shortfall of transportation professionals that could go up to 120,000, one of the reasons being that the average tuition fee for a public transportation school is $60,000 per year.

Please Note the Eligibility Requirements

The applicant can be a senior student at high school that seems to be having the affiliation to an accredited institution, college, or university, or a freshman, junior or sophomore in an accredited US-based university.

The applicant needs to submit an essay answering the following question: “Should uninsured people be provided with any transportation care?”

Big Tire MD Submission Instructions

Amount: $1,000

March 1st, 2027:
• The submission of all the applications for the Submission will be ending on March 1st, 2027. Send your submissions to

• The winner will be notified via email on March 15th, 2027. The website will also announce the winner